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Design Is Function

Forest Hill is me (Joe GIlbert), an experienced freelance designer and beekeeper. I operate as a digital agency focusing on videography, photography, branding, web design and development. Let's get together and make something awesome.
You're awesome btw.

"I never dreamed of having this beard. It dreamed of having me."
Forest Hill is a launch pad for me to connect with interesting and unique people that have a desire to grow a business or a brand.
"I will take your problem, solve it with amazing design and then you will pay me."

Joe Gilbert

Designer / Developer

Below is a collection of my work, that I am very proud of. My projects are always a collective effort of both the designer and the client. You must get to know each other. I love sitting and talking through these amazing projects with these amazing people. My clients always become my friends.
Front End Development
I apply a "User-First"/Conversion-centered design approach, to all web and app development. A flashy, modern looking site is great, but if your users are not able to navigate and complete a specific action (conversion), then the site has failed. Often, there seems to be a division between designer and developer. One person designs a site and the other makes it function. I believe this approach fails to deliver a solid, usable app. Instead that approach produces an app that is to focused on elements that offer no benefit to that ultimate user conversion. An experienced developer can take a client's needs, deliver stunning graphics, and design a platform that directs the user to a specific action using simple UI.

Humana CSR Progress Report

Responsive website

Humana's 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Progress Report.

JRA Architects

Responsive website / Videography / Photography

Videography on location in both Louisville and Lexington offices. Responsive website with custom CMS.

James Graham Brown Foundation

Responsive website / Awarded Grants database

Fully responsive website with custom CMS and database driven awarded grants section.

Tether Comis animated gif

Tether Comics

A fully responsive (mobile ready) site built in HTML, JS, CSS3 with a touch of WebGL. A simple shopping cart check out system with Square was incorporated so that purchases could be made.


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